About Tribowl

TriBowl Cultural Center Tri-Bowl is a multi-purpose, integrated cultural arts space including an arena shaped performance space, education about culture and art as well as exhibits, run by the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture and commissioned by the City of Incheon. In order to turn Incheon into a cultural city, the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture is holding performances, education about culture and arts as well as exhibits at Tri-Bowl, while also working for the growth of the regional culture and arts community linking the old and new cities

  • Architectural description

    The Incheon Tri-Bowl is a structure that turns the regular understanding of architectural space on its head. Different from regular structures with flat floors that take advantages of changes in ceiling type, the Tri-Bowl has a naturally rounded floor underneath a regular ceiling. This structure floats above a rectangular area of water and visitors pass over a long bridge and under the structure to enter it.

    - Architectural description excerpt from iArch

Main Space (Concert Hall)

Surround by birch tree panels, this beautiful performance space is feature area of Tri-Bowl, and offers spectators unique visual and auditory artistic experiences. In particular, audience seating forms part of the round stage, optimized for performances allowing spectators to feel the breath of the performers. The 350 audience seats are arranged in step form, allowing directors to utilize them in various ways.

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